Academy of Lacrosse Internship Program

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The Academy of Lacrosse Internship Program is designed so our players can get behind the scenes at a non-profit organization and gain experience working in an environment that they are passionate about. 

Players will receive training to prepare them to be a coach, event planner or fundraiser. Training will consist of classroom sessions, in-person training, projects, mentoring, on-the-job experience, as well as the ability to manage individual projects end-to-end. Training will be performed by Randy Grube, Meghan Toomey and Lyndsey Munoz.

Players will coach younger players at sessions such as Fall Training, Bring A Friend Day and Sparks, help run events such as our annual Halloween Pumpkin Shoot or Laps 4 Lax, and be instrumental in organizing fundraisers.

Players will have the ability to earn community service hours to fulfill school requirements, earn credits towards their own account, and help raise funds to sustain our scholarship fund and community outreach programs to provide more access to the game at all levels.

Players will maintain an account in which we store credits that can be applied to their own lacrosse expenses or to support programs run by Academy of Lacrosse.