Our Fundraisers

Every year we run a number of fundraisers, large and small, to make it easier for our community to get engaged. The largest one is our annual Laps For Lax event. In 2019 we will be adding several other activities that will be listed on this page as they go online.

Laps For Lax: One of the most exciting things about Dragons and Fire Lacrosse is that we belong to an extended family, and our family has the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. Every year our community makes it possible for players to get on the field, learn the game, learn the value of being a teammate and learn valuable life lessons.

Laps For Lax is great way for our boys and girls to give back, make a difference in the world and to learn something about the value of money.

Laps For Lax 2019 is LIVE!

How to register:

  • Visit https://go.rallyup.com/lapsforlax2019 
  • Click the blue “Participant Center” button.
  • Click “Individual Registration” to set yourself or your player up as a participant.
  • Make sure to select either BOYS or GIRLS from the “TEAMS” pull down menu. 
  • Send the link to anyone you can think of.
  • Attend the Laps For Lax event on June 2nd at Santa Monica HS.

How To Make a Direct Donation

We try to make is as easy and convenient for individuals to make donations. Below are the options available at this time. All donations are 100% tax deductible!

Direct Donations - You can donate any amount, tax-free, by sending a check, making a credit card donation or using Venmo.


Checks - Please make out checks and mail to:

Academy of Lacrosse
563 26th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90402


Credit Cards - Please click on the PayPal button to make a credit card donation.


Venmo - Our handle on Venmo is @Dragons-Lacrosse. Please specify that you are making a donation and include an address so we can mail a donation receipt if desired.