“Thank you, Lyndsey, for an inspiring and awesome HLT session yesterday!”

“ …what I find the most enticing part of HLT is Lyndsey’s focus on the mental approach.”

“I think their commitment to the Offseason HLT program will greatly enhance their fitness levels when lacrosse tournaments commence this winter…”



Want to know what all the buzz is about? We have developed a NEW performance training approach tailored to the needs of our boys and girls: Offseason HLT. Read the full testimonials below. Read up on the curriculum underneath the testimonials.

This program is pay-as-you-go, so you can attend when it suits you and you are not locked in to a schedule.

If you want to get your son or daughter involved – there’s still time to sign up HERE! 



“I have had all 3 of my kids attend the HLT sessions.  My daughters are 16 and 12 years old and my son is 14.  Lyndsey does an amazing job working on a variety of strength, speed, and agility but what I find the most enticing part of HLT is Lyndsey’s focus on the mental approach.  Coach Lyndsey stresses the importance of a positive attitude, what it takes to be a high performer such as getting a good night sleep and eating correctly.  HLT is so much more than just a workout, she is offering the participants a view into what made her a successful Division 1 athlete and it has been great for all three of my kids.”

-Kevin Doyle

“Thank you, Lyndsey, for an inspiring and awesome HLT session yesterday! Dylan and Aidan had started off the afternoon resistant, reluctant, and frankly, unhappy about having to do more “conditioning” … but both of them ended the session having had fun and looking forward to future sessions. Appreciate your encouragement and expertise.”

-Malena Law

“My two kids are really enjoying Lyndsey’s Offseason HLT and attend weekly. What they like about her program is that they know they are getting a challenging workout but they don’t feel exhausted or drained from the sessions. They also appreciate Lyndsey’s interest in their self-care outside of the sessions, which has them focusing on nutrition and healthy habits. It is amazing that not only my daughter who is a Fire player but also my son can benefit from Lyndsey’s professional knowledge and passion for fitness and lacrosse. I think their commitment to the Offseason HLT program will greatly enhance their fitness levels when lacrosse tournaments commence this winter and it will make their tournament experiences all the more fulfilling.”

-Katie Turnbull


Overview – Performance training is a very important part of every athlete’s development. Yet it isn’t offered very much, especially at the youth level. In 2017 we developed High Level Training (HLT) to combine performance training with lacrosse. HLT has become and continues to be, a core element of our in-season training regimen. This year we are expanding HLT to include OFFSEASON HLT. 

OFFSEASON HLT is designed to prepare athletes to endure the physical stress of the upcoming lacrosse season. It differs from in-season HLT classes because training needs change throughout the year as activity, and muscular demands change. Run by our Training Director, Lyndsey Munoz, OFFSEASON HLT will be taught on the field, and cover four key aspects of performance in one 90-minute training session: speed, agility, strength, and aerobic capacity. Each session will end with a focus on sleep, hydration, nutrition and stress management to help our athletes perform better on and off the field. The on-field sessions are supported by an online/mobile survey program that allows participants and coaches to monitor sleep habits, food intake, as well as other factors that can have an impact on performance.




Class Curriculum – Each session is 90 minutes in length and covers 4 areas:

  • Speed – ability to run fast in a straight line. There are different types of speed, but for our purposes this refers to linear speed. Many athletes are simply limited by their mechanics, or ability to push themselves, which we aim to teach and correct.
  • Agility – ability to change directions quickly and efficiently in response to different stimuli or situations. Agility is a huge component in lacrosse, whether it’s trying to get past a defender or a defender trying to stay in front of an opponent.
  • Strength – ability to develop force from the ground or maintain muscular control of body through movement. Many times, athletes struggle with speed or agility components because they lack muscular strength in certain areas of the body.
  • Aerobic Capacity – ability to run at maximum speed for longer intervals with a quick recovery. This is critical to the game of lacrosse. Our training simulates repeated runs up and down the field.

Program Details

  • Open to boys & girls in 5th-12th grade
  • Session days & times: Monday’s & Wednesday’s 5:30-7pm
  • 16 total sessions offered (no class 10/14, 10/30, 11/11)
  • Session dates: 9/23, 9/25, 9/30, 10/2, 10/7, 10/9, 10/16, 10/21, 10/23, 10/28, 11/4, 11/6, 11/13, 11/18, 11/20, 11/25
  • Cost – Single class: $35, 4-Pack: $120 ($30 per class), 8-Pack: $200 ($25 per class), Season Pass: $320 ($20 per class)


Penmar Recreation Center Field 5
Corner of Penmar & Rose Ave.
Office address: 1341 Lake St., LA CA, 90291

About the Coach – Lyndsey Muñoz is a former Division I athlete, who played on the women’s lacrosse team for four years at Stanford University. Since graduation, Lyndsey has pursued fitness, training, and coaching and received her personal training certification through NASM in 2017, as well as her NSCA Strength and Conditioning Certificate in 2019.

Watch some training clips with Coach Lyndsey on our YouTube Channel.



  1. Linda E Buck on September 21, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    If we purchase a 4 or 8 pack are we able to just pick the dates that work best with our current schedule?

    • santamonicadragons on September 22, 2019 at 10:16 am


  2. Cassandra on October 7, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    Is this for boys and girls?

    • santamonicadragons on October 7, 2019 at 4:26 pm

      Yes it is.

  3. Cassandra on October 9, 2019 at 11:04 am

    Do the boys wear helmets in HLT

    • randy on October 9, 2019 at 11:59 am

      no. HLT is just sneakers and shorts, etc.

  4. Cassandra on October 9, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Do we sign up somewhere? I am bringing my son, Andrew and Brooke today

    • Randy on October 9, 2019 at 2:02 pm

      Yes. I will send you a link in a bit. I will be there as well today. Alix is going too.

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