This summer we will offer a weekly program that combines positional and skills training, with the ability to apply it right away. The program is called LA SUMMER SIXES AND WILL BE OFFERED FOR BOYS & GIRLS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL.

LA SUMMER SIXES is a 90-minute session, where the first half is dedicated to helping you level up your lacrosse skills, and in the second half you apply those skills in a game format called Sixes.

Sixes is 5v5 with a goalie played on a short field, and it is the new Olympic lacrosse format for 2028. We have been running it all spring and our players have learned a lot and had a ton of fun. The big benefit of Sixes is that you get more touches of the ball and you play every position, which directly contributes to you becoming a more well-rounded player.

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