Our recruiting trips are on an RSVP basis. For more information and to express interest, please contact Randy Grube at randy@santamonicadragons.org.

Big 12 Lacrosse Invitational

The Big 12 Invitational is open to players in the 2021 and 2022 grad years. The showcase will have 80+ coaches on site from major DI and DIII schools. It is run in the traditional showcase format. College coaches work in positional sessions with players for the first 90 minutes, then the group is split into teams and each team plays 2 games in front of recruiters. The schedule is ideally suited to players traveling from the West Coast because it cuts down on fatigue and jet lag. Positional training starts on Saturday at 3:30PM, games start at 5:30PM. There may be an option to be a guest player on an East Coast club team for the team portion on Sunday.

Southern States Elite Prospect Day

The Southern States Elite Prospect Day is more intimate and tailored to players that are looking for exposure with DIII coaches. This is a 2-day showcase in which players get a lot of personal contact with coaches and there are several off-field activities and talks that make this a well-rounded experience.

Lacrosse Master Prospect Camp (2 Days)

Lacrosse Masters is a quality event tailored to players looking to play in front of academic DI and DIII schools. The timing is right after Winter Break, which means there is less school stress and players should be well-rested. Schools in attendance include BU, Bowdoin, Colby, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Lafayette, Middlebury, Notre Dame, Penn, Princeton, Tufts, Washington & Lee, Wesleyan and Williams.

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