Halloween Jamboree 2019

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We are giving our Halloween Jamboree a new look this year with lots of games, contests and prizes. Players will have a ton of fun and we will be raising money for a good cause: the growth of our program and of lacrosse in LA! Please read to the bottom to see how this fun event directly benefits every player.

Date: October 30
Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Location: Perry’s Cafe, 2400 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica 90405

Parking: Enter from Hollister and use North lot (right side)

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"Coach Lyndsey" (aka Brooke La Torra) Wants YOU To Be There!

Join Us For Halloween Tricks, Treats, Fun & Games, and Put Your Lacrosse Skills To The Test!

Ever Felt Like Putting A Pie In A Coaches Face? Go For It!

The Halloween Jamboree Is A Massive Fun Fare

School Fairs, County Fairs...they're all packed with fun games and our Halloween Jamboree is no different. All you do is stop by the ticket booth, load up on tickets and then go crazy with our games. We've even raised the bar a bit with our contests and Player's Revenge. There will be something for everyone!

Purchase in advance and SAVE!

$10 = 12 tickets (2 FREE tickets)
$20 = 24 tickets (4 FREE tickets)
$50 = 60 tickets (10 FREE tickets)

Take a look at the contests & activities chart to get an idea for how many tickets to get.


We'll have a ton of activities taking place during the event that are fun for both players and parents, and may even take some of you back to your childhood! Best of all, most activities do not require lacrosse skills.


Pumpkin Piñata - Take a shot at the Jack-o-Lantern pales tied to the corners of a goal. If you hit the pale hard enough, candy will fall out and you get to keep it!

(3 tickets)


Pumpkin Relay - Create a team of three and try to carry your team’s pumpkin the fastest! 

(1 tickets)


Fastest Shot - See how many mph you can shoot! Boys & Girls welcome!

(5 tickets)


Pumpkin Pyramid StackingTry to stack 6 pumpkins into a pyramid faster than the other team. 

(1 tickets)


Pumpkin Smashing - Smash a pumpkin with a lacrosse ball

(3 tickets)


Pumpkin Pyramid Knockdown - Try to knock down the pumpkin pyramid with a lacrosse ball. No relation to the game above, haha!

(3 tickets)


Pumpkin Target Shooting - Try to shoot a lacrosse ball into a pumpkin hole from 10 yards away!

(3 tickets)


Want to get your competitive juices flowing and measure skills against your friends? We have the perfect line up for all ages!


Monster Walk - Grab a friend and race in a three legged monster walk! 

(1 ticket per player)


Potato Sack Race - Hop in and go! One of the all-time-best competitions ever!

(1 ticket per player)


Egg Toss - Toss the egg back and forth with your partner. When it cracks you are  out! Try to be the last duo standing. 

(1 ticket per player)


Lacrosse Limbo - How low can you go under a lacrosse stick limbo pole?!

(1 ticket per player)


Longest Pass Competition - Pass to your partner and back; then take a step back. Keep going until you drop the ball. Biggest distance wins.

(1 ticket per player)


Have a grudge against a coach? Want to see a coach squirm? Done! We've lined up a series of challenges for our coaches to complete, all in the name of a good cause.


Pie In The Face - Purchase a "pie" at the Revenge Desk and pie a coach in the face at any point during the event.

(25 tickets)


Quick Dip - Purchase a Quick Dip Certificate from the Revenge Desk, hand it to the specified coach and watch them jump into the ocean. 

(50 tickets)


Piggy Back Sprints - Enter a team of two coaches via the Revenge Desk and have them participate in a piggy back sprint. 

(20 tickets)


Play the USC Men's Team in a friendly game of Speed Lacrosse. 3v3 or 5v5. 10-minute game.

(5 tickets per player)

All Proceeds Go Towards The Growth Of Our Lacrosse Community


Want to make a direct donation?

Our mission is to use lacrosse as a platform to provide opportunities that empower ALL of our players to reach their full potential as students, athletes and people. Over the past 6 years we have had the privilege of making a positive impact on our players.

By participating in the Halloween Jamboree, you will purchase tickets, and each ticket is a contribution to our program. Those contributions make the difference between just teaching lacrosse, and being able to help shape players' futures. And your contributions benefit EVERY player, including your own.

The graphic to the left (or above, if you are on a mobile device) contains information on  how we put contributions to use to make an impact in our players' lives. If you'd like to have a direct conversation about supporting our efforts, please feel free to reach out to directly.


Randy Grube

Co-Founder & President
Academy of Lacrosse

Randy Grube Fire Head Shot
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Every Player Benefits From Our Lacrosse Community

Players Talk About What Our Team Experience Means To Them

Coaches Talk About Our Community & Their Passion For Building a Family

We Offer Our Players Unique Experiences

See Why Players Are Thankful For The Experience With Us

What People Say About Our Community

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“Thanks for organizing this whole season and being able to put together some quality teams this year with a lot of first timers and new players. Mason had a blast and loved playing with his buds and meeting some great new teammates as well. Bronson had a great time and learned a lot about being challenged with playing against bigger and older kids. Both have improved greatly from this season and your entire coaching staff, and I thank you for that. I wish we lived closer so we could continue with you guys but unfortunately logistics and reality of LA interfere. Every coach we came in contact with in your organization was top notch, friendly and great with the kids. Rarely do my boys say how much they liked the coaches in any sport they participate in. Here they regularly commented and recited things Coach Krum and Coach Max had told them. Thanks again and you have a great organization.” 

Matt Gavia

"Dragons has been monumental in my growth as a player because they provided intense practices, encouraging coaching, and a family environment. I came into the program with very little confidence and poor stick skills, but the high-intensity practices and encouraging coaching boosted my overall confidence and skill level. I knew that all the coaches, especially Erik Krum, had my back and wanted to see me succeed. As time went on, my stick skills got better, and Krummy kept challenging me to keep improving. The environment was unlike anything I had previously been a part of. Everyone wanted me to succeed and be happy, which made me want to play harder and get better. Dragons provided the opportunity to play against the best teams in California, and I believe that’s essential to growing as a player. I can’t thank Dragons enough for everything they have done for me. I have built life-long relationships with Randy, Krummy, and all the other coaches."

Owen Gaffney - 2021

“I have had all 3 of my kids attend the HLT sessions.  My daughters are 16 and 12 years old and my son is 14.  Lindsey does an amazing job working on a variety of strength, speed, and agility but what I find the most enticing part of HLT is Lindsey’s focus on the mental approach.  Coach Lindsey stresses the importance of a positive attitude, what it takes to be a high performer such as getting a good night sleep and eating correctly.  HLT is so much more than just a workout, she is offering the participants a view into what made her a successful Division 1 athlete and it has been great for all three of my kids.”

Kevin Doyle

“When I first tried out for the Dragons team back in 6th grade, I was extremely nervous and scared I wasn't going to make the team because I hadn't been playing for that long and I didn't really know anybody going in. I then met the coaches and my feelings of nervousness turned into excitement after seeing how much energy they brought to each drill or competition we did. After starting with Dragons, I saw myself really develop as a player thanks to the coaches, and I formed friendships that I still hold on to today. Although I didn't have Krum as a head coach, he was always orchestrating the whole practice and I got to see how much he cared about coaching and the kids on each team. I have a specific memory of him hopping in cage without a chest protector when our goalie missed practice. I thought he was a little crazy but later figured out he just has a passion for his job that I hope to find when I get out of college. A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of my experience with Dragons.”

Donovan Econn - 2019

“Thank you, Lyndsey, for an inspiring and awesome HLT session yesterday! Dylan and Aidan had started off the afternoon resistant, reluctant, and frankly, unhappy about having to do more “conditioning” ... but both of them ended the session having had fun and looking forward to future sessions. Appreciate your encouragement and expertise.”

Malena Law

"The Dragons experience has been an amazing one. My teammates and coaches have changed somewhat, there have always been so many people that were looking out for me and trying to help me get the best for myself. Every coach wanted to know what my situation was and how everything was going and if there was anything they could do to help. My parents were also so supportive and always pushed me to strive for what I wanted most, and provided me with the platform to get that."

Riley Olds - 2019

“My two kids are really enjoying Lyndsey’s Offseason HLT and attend weekly. What they like about her program is that they know they are getting a challenging workout but they don’t feel exhausted or drained from the sessions. They also appreciate Lyndsey’s interest in their self-care outside of the sessions, which has them focusing on nutrition and healthy habits. It is amazing that not only my daughter who is a Fire player but also my son can benefit from Lyndsey’s professional knowledge and passion for fitness and lacrosse. I think their commitment to the Offseason HLT program will greatly enhance their fitness levels when lacrosse tournaments commence this winter and it will make their tournament experiences all the more fulfilling.”

Katie Turnbull

"The Dragons club program taught me two things: to go fast and to work hard. These are just some of the things I’ve learned playing with the Dragons. The most important thing I learned with the Dragons has to be the ability to become consistent. While at college I’ve learned that if you’re not consistent you won’t play. I picked up those habits when I was in 8th, 9th and 10th grade and they really helped develop who I am now. And the Dragons coaches were invested in more than just my game. They were focused on the atmosphere of the program and focused on getting kids the right opportunities on and off the field. I can say that throughout my entire experience with the Dragons, it has been nothing but positive memories, aside from all the sprints during practice. Thank you for all the opportunities!" 

Martin Avila - 2018