Fire Lacrosse




  • 2-hour sessions
  • $40 per session
  • Middle School & High School
  • No commitment required
  • Do not have to be Fire player to participate
  • 20-player limit


South Bay

  • Mira Costa HS - Waller Stadium
  • Sunday 1/10, 1/24, 1/31
  • 3-5pm

Conejo Valley

  • Pepper Tree Playfield
  • Sunday 1/10, 1/24, 1/31
  • 4-6pm

Santa Monica

  • Marine Park
  • Monday 1/11, 1/25, 2/1
  • 7-9pm


Meghan Toomey

Randy Grube





  • Salisbury University
  • 2x National Champion
  • Marlborough HS Director
  • Fire Program Director


  • University of Virginia
  • Team Captain
  • Notre Dame HS Head Coach
  • Fire Conejo Valley Director
trenna hill head shot


  • Syracuse University
  • Iroquois Nationals Captain
  • PV HS Head Coach
  • Fire South Bay Director


  • Gettysburg College
  • National Champion
  • Cal Lu Head Coach
  • Fire Coach


  • Campbell  University
  • Personal Trainer
  • Fire Coach


  • Fort Lewis College
  • Pali HS Head Coach
  • Fire Coach


  • Springfield College
  • Culver City HS Head Coach
  • Fire Coach
sloan kessler


  • Elon University
  • 4-year Team Captain
  • Fire Coach

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Fire Lacrosse
Hybrid Training

COVID 19 Update

Late July and early August is usually the time of year when we step away from the field and hit the reset button for the upcoming Fall Season. When we were finally granted field space in early July, our players expressed an eagerness to continue and we were not going to stop them! Even though August looked a bit different this year, we are so happy with the overall growth and development of our players during this time.

We had all age age groups attending sessions on the field, the beach, and even meeting on the screen. Coach Lyndsey joined us for very well received Sleep and Nutrition Zoom Calls and we welcomed Coach Dan to our staff to offer performance, speed and agility training on the beach! It is so great to see how our older players interacted and served as role models to our younger players. Training during what is supposed to be our off season is not an easy task, especially with most players heading back to online school. Having a group of people that shows up and pushes alongside you makes it all worth it!

Online school presents many challenges within itself. We want our training to be a space where our players can let lose, have fun, compete, feel positive energy and motivate one another. We are VERY excited to continue our August training format in September. This allows more of our players to get back into the READINESS mentality after a break from the field, while at the same time providing an energy release from sitting behind the screen all day.

Fire Lacrosse
Virtual Training

COVID 19 Update

With the onset of COVID 19, many lacrosse programs, including Fire, were thrust into the thick of virtual training. Virtual training does not replace team practices on the field, nor does it replace games and tournaments. But virtual training offers up a lot of opportunities to make our players mentally and physically stronger athletes. We took a very innovative approach to virtual training that allows us to focus on developing the individual, rather than the team, which in turn will make our teams stronger when we return to the field. In fact, so many components of our program have proven to be a valuable supplement to on-field training, that we plan on keeping them when things return to normal. Here are some specific program elements we have developed for our players.

Mindset Monday

Every player’s mind can be stronger. We currently run a program called Mastering Your Mind that consists of 10 sessions covering Control, Confidence, Commitment and Challenge. Each session includes a video and a breakout discussion, as well as daily reflections and an end of the week feedback survey.

Run Club

Cardio is a huge part of being a well-conditioned athlete. But there is more to running than just grinding out miles. The Fire Run Club is an interval training program that simulates a game situation. It consists of 3 training runs a week, each supported by a guided timer that we program into an app to make keeping track of the intervals really easy.


Workshops are designed to cover specific topics not addressed by the general curriculum and can cover a wide variety of topics, including social injustice. Yes, our platform gives girls the opportunity to work through difficult issues that affect us all. We go at the topic with a structured approach to learn how to understand and accept each other, and how to develop solutions.

Supporting our program is custom-built Google classroom for each team. It allows us to communicate with players, run our training, post assignments, hold everyone accountable, run our schedule, as well as collect all the reflections at the end of the week.

classroom screen shot

Cardio is a huge part of being a well-conditioned athlete. But there is more to running than just grinding out miles. The Fire Run Club is an interval training program that simulates a game situation. It consists of 3 training runs a week, each supported by a guided timer that we program into an app to make keeping track of the intervals really easy.

run club screen shot for website


Fire Lacrosse is a new force on the girls lacrosse scene. It is the Elite division of Dragons Lacrosse and offers girls dedicated to the sport a chance to play at a higher level and to reach higher goals. Fire is backed by an incredible coaching staff that trains our players, guides them through tournaments and actively supports them in the recruiting process. We have an amazing team environment and a great attitude.

At Fire Lacrosse, we believe COMMUNITY breeds CONFIDENCE. We strive every day to create a family environment where girls are free to be their truest selves and supported for doing so as they develop as lacrosse players and people through adolescence. When girls feel supported, fear of failure dissipates, challenges are faced head on, skills are developed, and the CONFIDENCE CYCLE begins. Confident players become confident young women off the field and when that happens, the possibilities are endless. 

Become a part of our growing community and join the Fire Family today!

You can also support our mission to build a community and shape the futures of our players by donating to Academy of Lacrosse. Click HERE for more info.

The Players' Perspective

The Coaches' Perspective

News & Events

Fire Lacrosse – Spring 2020 – HS Training

By santamonicadragons | March 5, 2020 |

No High School Team? No problem!  Fire Lacrosse is now offering Spring Training for players without high school programs who are looking to keep up with their skills during their club team off season. We hope by forming this group of players we can instill the importance of independent work, while also creating a team…


Fire Lacrosse – Spring 2020 – Conejo Valley Youth Training

By santamonicadragons | March 5, 2020 |

We have received numerous requests from families in the Conejo Valley area to offer training to elementary and middle school players during the spring, as a way to better prepare for the summer season! We were able to put together a program on Sunday mornings that we hope can serve as additional off season training…


Fire Summer 2020 Season & Tryout Info

By santamonicadragons | February 10, 2020 |

Click HERE to register for the TRYOUTS.


Sand Storm 2020 Picture Gallery

By santamonicadragons | January 30, 2020 |

Legends National Cup Video

By santamonicadragons | January 30, 2020 |

Fire Directors

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 16.50.45

Meghan Toomey

  • Fire Program Director
  • Santa Monica Director & Coach
  • Read More...

Maggie Preas

  • Conejo Valley Director
  • Coach
  • Read More...

Trenna Hill

  • South Bay Director
  • Coach
  • Read More...

Player Development

We take a long-term approach to player development. Our training consists of team practices, HLT (High Level Training - speed & agility & stick skills) and Run Club (conditioning & stick skills). Read more...

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 9.34.19


Fire offers a structured recruiting support program that consists of tools such as SportsRecruits, advocacy (yes, we contact college coaches on a player's behalf), consulting, as well as help with highlight reels. Maddy Morrissey is our dedicated Recruiting Director. Read more...

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 8.50.23

The Team Experience

Imagine a place where you can just come and be yourself. A place where you can take as much or as little time as you need to develop your skills. A place full of positive energy and support. A place that is inclusive and supportive and easy to make friends in. That is the essence of our team experience. Fire Lacrosse offers a no-pressure environment that allows a player the freedom to make mistakes and be themselves. Read more...




"I moved to California because I knew I wanted to coach lacrosse and bring this amazing sport to as many girls as possible in the area. Although, I didn’t fully know what to expect, I quickly found out Fire Lacrosse is different than any other club I’d coached for. A family culture combined with a constant pursuit of excellence is exactly what I believe club lacrosse should be, and Fire has created just that."


"We would like to thank you both so much for your acknowledgement of Harlow's hard work. She was so excited and couldn't wait for this season with Fire. She strives to be a better player playing with both you girls and the team. She is doing her pre-season training with SamoHi and doubling her practice time by playing Fire."