Players signed up for our recruiting package have complete access to SportsRecruits, one of the premier recruiting database and communications products. In addition, we assist our players in creating impactful highlight reels.


Our coaches will not hesitate to communicate on behalf of our players. We reach out via e-mail, phone, in person at the field and SportsRecruits to promote our players with the appropriate college coaches. 


Families have the option to meet with our staff to discuss the best fit, plan strategies, identify specific college options, develop timelines & requirements, talk through the overall process, as well as the necessary lacrosse training. 

Self Help Resources

IWLCA Recruitment Information Video

This is an extremely informative video that runs almost an hour long. If you are interested in specific information, there is a list of time codes below that allow you to skip through the video.

0:00 - Introduction

1:02 - The IWLCA on Recruiting

2:15 - Recruiting Timeline

4:47 - Recruiting Academics, Transcripts, SATs & ACTs

6:40 - Recruiting Transcripts, When to Send

8:00 - NCAA Clearinghouse

9:31 - What is the NCAA Eligibility Center

10:57 - What is a Coach Looking For

14:57 - Timetable for Coach Contacts

17:10 - About Sending Video

18:50 - Official and Unofficial Visits

22:50 - Prospect Days, Exposure, Tournaments or Camps

25:30 - Recruiting, Who Can and Should Help You

27:35 - N.L.I., National Letter of Intent

30:10 - N.L.I. Recap

31:40 – Information on Financial Aid

34:33 – Communication, How and When Coaches Can Talk

37:45 – Exposure Through IWLCA Tournaments

39:52 – Your Coach Packet Profile

42:23 – Social Media, Do’s and Don’ts

45:41 – Recruiting Process, Factors to Consider

48.18 – Timeline, Division I, II & III

52:06 The New IWLCA “Debut” Events

53:12 – Parents’ Role, Recruiting Process


NCAA College Bound Student Athlete

This is an official document published by the NCAA that outlines all the facts, figures, rules and procedures that are part of the recruiting process. Click HERE to download the PDF.

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Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 22.10.18

OVERVIEW - The NCAA has an overview web page with useful information about all aspects of the process HERE.


COLLEGE CHOICES - Getting serious about a college choice? The NCAA has a list of questions to ask coaches, admissions and financial aid staff HERE.


FACT SHEET - Want a quick glance at the main points of the recruiting process? The NCAA has a 2-page fact sheet that can be downloaded as a PDF HERE.

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