Roya - Committed




This do-it-all midfielder is heading to play Division I lacrosse at Eastern Michigan University! Since being a loyal member of the Fire Fam, Roya has been our roundball extraordinaire, draw team showstopper, scoring machine, and interception sniper! She is relentless between the 30’s, seemingly never runs out of gas, and is our consistent connecting piece between both ends of the field.

While she amazing and dazzling on the field, what sets Roya apart is her tender love for her teammates. She has a quiet, steady leadership style paired ironically with loud cheers and pre-game warm up hype. As the smiley workhorse, Roya’s presence is a true token of leadership, friendship, sportsmanship, and belonging to something bigger than yourself. Our team wouldn’t be the same without her and we know her future teammates will feel the same!

Roya will studying Veterinary Medicine at EMU. Please join us in congratulating Roya on her commitment. Go Eagles!