Congratulations go to Izzy Eggerling for committing to Whitman College! Izzy is an excellent example of how far determination and hard work can take you. She picked up lacrosse in 9th grade, when she was introduced to the sport by Makena Carter, her high school teammate. She joined Fire shortly thereafter and never having been an athlete nor been in a competitive team environment, Izzy underwent quite the transformation. By her junior year, she was traveling to recruiting tournaments with Fire, and this spring she will be team captain at Hamilton High School in her final HS season.

Izzy’s recruiting process started in earnest during the summer of 2019 on the Fire East Coast trip. There she was contacted by Whitman College, as well as several other schools. Whitman quickly became the obvious choice because the school offered Izzy the academics she was looking for and is located in a part of the country she really liked. After Izzy experienced the positive and inclusive team chemistry on an overnight visit earlier this year, the decision was obvious to her. “In some way, the team at Whitman is a continuation of my Fire experience. I am full of positive energy and I like to cheer on my teammates, which is exactly what it felt like to be at Whitman.”

In fact, according to Eggerling, her time at Fire was instrumental in helping her attend the school of her dreams: “If it weren’t for Fire I would not be attending Whitman College. I learned the necessary lacrosse skills, learned how to be an athlete and teammate. My coaches provided the guidance I needed to figure the whole thing out. Coach Maddy sat me down on our summer trip to really walk me through my options and help me figure out my direction. Coach Lyndsey became my confidant. She guided me and helped me make important decisions when the time came.”

As more and more Fire players enter and complete the recruiting process, Izzy’s journey shows younger players how you can achieve your goals. Sara LaBelle, Izzy’s mom, points out, that in addition to the East Coast trips and regular training with Fire, having the ability to use the SportsRecruits package was a big help. Some schools even reached out directly to the family based on the profile and highlight reel. 

Congratulations again to Izzy for all she has accomplished and the example she is setting for younger players. We wish her all the best at Whitman, as well as all future endeavors. You will always be part of the Fire Family!