Fire Recruiting Services are available to all our players and families.

To date, we have supported our athletes and have helped overt 30 players achieve their goal of playing in college through a traditional process. Our program will provide both a collective and individually tailored approach to the recruiting process, and support our mission of creating a complete and competitive club experience. 

Our approach to the recruiting process lives in 3 pillars: 

  • Self-branding
  • Self-advocacy
  • Negotiation

These are three skills that our players will be engaged in for the rest of their lives. At Fire, we believe that recruiting is as much about the process and the journey, as it is about the outcome. We have intentionally designed our program to support the process, as well as the personal skills and character development that comes with it.


All Players on a Fire roster have access to our Player Resource Hub that contains a wealth of information on how to complete your process, including templates for e-mails and highlight reels, as well as worksheets to determine your best fit. The information in the Player Resource Hub is proprietary so you can’t get it anywhere else, and it helps you plan strategies, identify options, develop timelines and requirements and so much more.


For a nominal fee we offer use of the best recruiting platform in the industry: SportsRecruits. It makes research and communication really easy, and more importantly, it makes you (your profile, grades personal statement, videos, etc.) visible to college coaches online, via e-mail and at the field. SportsRecruits has become an essential tool in the process.


Tools and Technology are great. In addition to both of those essential elements we also offer a unique personal touch. This isn’t just a conversation about how good you are at lacrosse or what we think of your college list. Our personal touch is a continuous interaction over the course of seasons or even years to support you in specific ways on your journey.


Fire Recruiting Services offers our players a vast array of tools via the Player Resource Hub and SportsRecruits (nominal fee applies), as well as a unique personal interaction format of 1-on-1 meetings.

General recruiting presentations tailored specifically to parents will be offered throughout the year. 

Through individual meetings, players and families will learn and discuss…

  • The development of an intentional and strategic approach for their fit
  • Building confidence in their personal brand as a student-athlete
  • The construction of their list of “dream schools” (while unpacking the motivations and desires for pursuing those schools)
  • Recruiting timelines
  • Communication etiquette with college coaches

Through our holistic, athlete-centered approach, players are encouraged and empowered to take ownership of their own recruiting process. This service is included in your Fire Lacrosse membership so players can meet as often and as frequently as they need and desire, and thus are responsible for scheduling those meetings and following up on action items. 



"I met with [college coaches] and they asked very similar questions to the ones I answered during our meeting so those prepared me so much more than I expected! Thank you!"

                                        Sydney Shin, '22


“I never would have considered playing lacrosse in college if it weren’t for Fire and their support during the recruitment process. I got the chance to meet with Coach Trenna off the field to talk about this process and she introduced me to options for my future that make sense for my academic and athletic goals. Currently, I am working to pursue these goals while still being supported by Fire as I attend boarding school. I appreciate the effort from all the coaches to really get to know their players and make each player feel like a vital part of the team. I am so grateful for the experience I had with Fire Lacrosse and I look forward to playing with my team again.”

                                        Alex King, '23