Liv Naaman

2021 - Mount Holyoke College

Liv Naaman (Fire 2021) has verbally committed to play at Mount Holyoke College! We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that propelled her to this point. When Liv first came to Fire she immediately made her presence known in the best way. Our coaches were blown away by her defensive communication and the way she would anticipate, approach and attack any player that stepped into the 8 meter with PRIDE and URGENCY! When Liv is on the field she means business. She stepped into a leadership role right away as one of our few true defenders on the 2021 team, and she became the anchor of our defensive unit.

Please join us in congratulating Liv as she gets ready to embark on her next chapter in life and lacrosse!

Describe your recruiting process?

My recruiting process involved multiple steps. Once I had determined what colleges I was interested in, I started writing to college coaches. I wrote to coaches before each recruiting tournament I went to and let them know my schedule, my team jersey number, and how to contact me and my club coaches. I heard back from several coaches and sent them thank you notes and game footage. I then set up phone calls with them to learn more about their respective programs and tell them more about myself. In the end, I ended up visiting the school I was most interested in and attended a prospect day.

What clicked for you with Mount Holyoke, why is it a good fit for you?

For me, the prospect day really made a huge difference. After practicing with the Mount Holyoke team players and touring the campus, I knew I was a good fit. I would encourage other players in the recruiting process to attend the prospect days at the colleges they are most interested in. It will give you a much better sense of where you fit into the picture and whether you actually mesh well with team and coaches.

Why D3? 

D3 is the right fit for me in terms of my academic interests and lacrosse aspirations. Players need to really be honest with themselves about their academic performance and playing ability. I want to engage in rigorous academics at a smaller liberal arts school and get playing time on the field during games. For me, that meant D3.

How would you describe your work ethic during quarantine before and after verbally committing to Mount Holyoke?

I am not going to lie. I had a really difficult time transitioning to life under quarantine. I have had to create routines that I follow to try and stay in shape. I try and take advantage of in-person gatherings with all the safety protocols when I can. Knowing that Mount Holyoke is in my future is definitely motivation for me to keep up my efforts both in school and on the field.

What advice would you give to players who are trying to see the light in the tunnel during this time?

I think it is really a tough time for players that are midstream in the recruiting process. I guess my best advise is to set routines and integrate small achievable recruitment activity goals into those routines. Try and take advantage of every opportunity you have to play, be seen, and create points of contact with colleges you are interested in.

What is your plan of action to stay on top of your game from now until you step on Mount Holyoke’s campus? 

I am currently doing online workouts with my high school lacrosse team. I also have taken advantage of some pick up lacrosse that meets safety protocols in our region and engaged in private training. Of course, I look forward taking part in practices and tournaments with Fire as soon as they are announced.

How did Fire Lacrosse help prepare you for your next chapter?

Coach Maddy really got me started on what to do in terms of recruitment. Coach Lyndsey and Coach Meghan have also been wonderful resources each step of the way.


Emily Typrowicz

2021 - Endicott College

Since joining the Fire Family, Emily Typrowicz has always brought positivity, hard work and dedication to the field. She has the ability to light up any room with her smile and you can always count on her when you need someone the most. She is a lights out crease attacker and is always looking to set her teammates up for success. Please join us in congratulating Emily on such a huge accomplishment! Here is a quick Q&A with Emily about her recruiting process.

Describe your recruiting process.

With my recruiting process I toured schools and reached out to the ones I was interested in. I focused on the schools that offered the courses I am thinking of taking. I signed up for prospect camps and went to an Endicott one.

What clicked for you with Endicott, why is it a good fit for you?

When I first went to Endicott, I really liked the campus and loved being there. After visiting I researched the school more and loved it. I reached out to Coach Spellman and went to a prospect camp where we had a tour, heard from admissions and players then had a clinic with the coaches and players. I really enjoyed Coach Spellman’s coaching style. I felt at home there.

Why D3? 

I want to focus on academics while still playing lacrosse.

How would you describe your work ethic during COVID before and after verbally committing to Endicott?

Even though I was in stay at home mode, I found a way to continue working hard and getting those reps in. After verbally committing I felt even more determined to work hard.

What advice would you give to players who are trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel during this time?

Use this time to figure out what schools work for you and reach out to the coaches.

What is your plan of action to stay on top of your game from now until you step on Endicott’s campus? 

I am going to continue to work extra hard and continue to improve my game!


Jordan Davis

2021 - University of New Hampshire

We would like to congratulate Jordan Davis on her recent verbal commitment to play Division I women’s lacrosse at the University of New Hampshire! 

Jordan came to us as a high school freshman while playing under Coach Tom Borgia at Redondo Union High School. After guest playing with Fire at the Legends National Cup tournament, our coaches could see that she was special and we wanted to have a continued role in her lacrosse journey, as well as her recruiting path. 

Jordan quickly became an instrumental player within our Fire program. On the field she stands out for her lightening speed and because she always plays with her heart. Jordan continues to inspire her teammates to work hard by showing them what it means to be self motivated. In a matter of 4 years, Jordan switched her primary sport from soccer to lacrosse, was able to completely elevate her game through hard work and dedication, and now will get to continue her lacrosse career at the D1 level! 

Outside of her lacrosse practices you will find her giving back to the game by coaching for Redondo’s Middle School program. This year she was also chosen to be team captain of the Varsity Team at RUHS as a junior.

Jordan is the prime example of someone who does not wait for success to find them; she goes out there and gets it for herself. We are unbelievably proud of all of Jordan’s accomplishments. We are very lucky to have student-athletes like Jordan in our organization that can be positive role models for the next generation of Fire Lacrosse players! 


Izzy Eggerling

2020 - Whitman College

Congratulations go to Izzy Eggerling for committing to Whitman College! Izzy is an excellent example of how far determination and hard work can take you. She picked up lacrosse in 9th grade, when she was introduced to the sport by Makena Carter, her high school teammate. She joined Fire shortly thereafter and never having been an athlete nor been in a competitive team environment, Izzy underwent quite the transformation. By her junior year, she was traveling to recruiting tournaments with Fire, and this spring she will be team captain at Hamilton High School in her final HS season.

Izzy’s recruiting process started in earnest during the summer of 2019 on the Fire East Coast trip. There she was contacted by Whitman College, as well as several other schools. Whitman quickly became the obvious choice because the school offered Izzy the academics she was looking for and is located in a part of the country she really liked. After Izzy experienced the positive and inclusive team chemistry on an overnight visit earlier this year, the decision was obvious to her. “In some way, the team at Whitman is a continuation of my Fire experience. I am full of positive energy and I like to cheer on my teammates, which is exactly what it felt like to be at Whitman.”

In fact, according to Eggerling, her time at Fire was instrumental in helping her attend the school of her dreams: “If it weren’t for Fire I would not be attending Whitman College. I learned the necessary lacrosse skills, learned how to be an athlete and teammate. My coaches provided the guidance I needed to figure the whole thing out. Coach Maddy sat me down on our summer trip to really walk me through my options and help me figure out my direction. Coach Lyndsey became my confidant. She guided me and helped me make important decisions when the time came.”

As more and more Fire players enter and complete the recruiting process, Izzy’s journey shows younger players how you can achieve your goals. Sara LaBelle, Izzy’s mom, points out, that in addition to the East Coast trips and regular training with Fire, having the ability to use the SportsRecruits package was a big help. Some schools even reached out directly to the family based on the profile and highlight reel. 

Congratulations again to Izzy for all she has accomplished and the example she is setting for younger players. We wish her all the best at Whitman, as well as all future endeavors. You will always be part of the Fire Family!


Makena Carter

2019 - Fort Lewis College

Makena Carter will play lacrosse next year at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Makena was one of our very first Fire players, helping us form our inaugural team. She has been a leader for all our players throughout the years on and off the field. Her dedication and commitment to the sport and our program has propelled her individual success, as well as the success of her team. Makena’s efforts earned her CIF Offensive Player of the Year in 2018, CIF All-City Second Team in 2016, CIF All-City First Team in 2017, MVP in 2018 and she was named to the Los Angeles Women's National Team in 2018. She also did well in the classroom landing on honor roll all four years and was named a Scholar-Athlete in 2018. Congratulations Makena! We wish you the best in your last high school season and can’t wait to see you out on the field soon!


Ainsley Basic

2019 - Emerson College

Ainsley Basic, will play lacrosse at Emerson College next fall. Ainsley is an athletic defender from Palos Verdes, that has denied many attackers throughout our summer season. She is also a force in the transition game with speed and the skill to get to the goal. Ainsley excelled on her high school team, being named a two-time All-Bay League selection. Her positive energy and work ethic are contagious, contributing to the success of our Fire team. She not only has a great lacrosse IQ, but excels in school, earning a 2018 Academic All-American award. Ainsley is a great role model and we know she’s going to do great things at Emerson!



Players signed up for our recruiting package have complete access to SportsRecruits, one of the premier recruiting database and communications products. In addition, we assist our players in creating impactful highlight reels.


Our coaches will not hesitate to communicate on behalf of our players. We reach out via e-mail, phone, in person at the field and SportsRecruits to promote our players with the appropriate college coaches. 


Families have the option to hire Maddy Morrissey to discuss the best fit, college timelines & requirements, as well as the necessary lacrosse training. 

Self Help Resources

IWLCA Recruitment Information Video

This is an extremely informative video that runs almost an hour long. If you are interested in specific information, there is a list of time codes below that allow you to skip through the video.

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2:15 - Recruiting Timeline

4:47 - Recruiting Academics, Transcripts, SATs & ACTs

6:40 - Recruiting Transcripts, When to Send

8:00 - NCAA Clearinghouse

9:31 - What is the NCAA Eligibility Center

10:57 - What is a Coach Looking For

14:57 - Timetable for Coach Contacts

17:10 - About Sending Video

18:50 - Official and Unofficial Visits

22:50 - Prospect Days, Exposure, Tournaments or Camps

25:30 - Recruiting, Who Can and Should Help You

27:35 - N.L.I., National Letter of Intent

30:10 - N.L.I. Recap

31:40 – Information on Financial Aid

34:33 – Communication, How and When Coaches Can Talk

37:45 – Exposure Through IWLCA Tournaments

39:52 – Your Coach Packet Profile

42:23 – Social Media, Do’s and Don’ts

45:41 – Recruiting Process, Factors to Consider

48.18 – Timeline, Division I, II & III

52:06 The New IWLCA “Debut” Events

53:12 – Parents’ Role, Recruiting Process


NCAA College Bound Student Athlete

This is an official document published by the NCAA that outlines all the facts, figures, rules and procedures that are part of the recruiting process. Click HERE to download the PDF.

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Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 22.10.18

OVERVIEW - The NCAA has an overview web page with useful information about all aspects of the process HERE.


COLLEGE CHOICES - Getting serious about a college choice? The NCAA has a list of questions to ask coaches, admissions and financial aid staff HERE.


FACT SHEET - Want a quick glance at the main points of the recruiting process? The NCAA has a 2-page fact sheet that can be downloaded as a PDF HERE.

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