Long-Term Approach

We focus on investing into our players for the long haul. Every player develops skills, IQ and confidence at a different rate and every player has a different physical development curve. We give our players the time it takes for them to become the best player possible.


Positive Environment

We place a high value on helping our players develop confidence. This starts by offering them an all-girls environment where they can be themselves. It continues by setting a positive tone at all times and making sure that our players receive the support they need on and off the field.


Excellent Coaches

Our coaches bring a passion for the game of lacrosse, and an even bigger passion for  teaching it. Their collective experience and continued involvement in programs such as WDNT and Under Armor, ensures that our players receives the best and most up to date training possible.


Team Practices

Our team practices consist of a balanced approach towards developing skills, team concepts and lacrosse IQ. Our coaches put their collective experience and expertise into developing practice plans and drills that get the most out of each practice situation.


High Level Training (HLT)

In order to help bridge the athletic and skills gap we noticed between west coast and east coast players, we developed our own in-house training program called HLT. It focuses on speed, agility and strength development and incorporates those elements into stick skills training as well.


Run Club

Conditioning and endurance training is an important part of our training regimen. It not only helps get our players in better shape for games, it also trains them mentally to deal with fatigue. Run Club can take place in a number of environments and also incorporates stick skills training.