Fire HS Select – Our most advanced players will be offered a trip to the East Coast to compete at two major recruiting tournaments as part of a chaperoned, 10-day trip. Fire Select is open to players in grad years 2020/21/22. The team will have practices in Santa Monica. Players have the option of participating in HLT and Run Club in Santa Monica or their local area. For more info, please visit our Fire HS Select Page.

Fire HS – Players that want to benefit from our training and want to opt-in to tournaments in SoCal can play on one of our Area Teams in Santa Monica, the Conejo Valley or the South Bay. There are no tryouts. Tournament registration is first-come, first-served and we are offering 3, possibly 4 tournaments. Teams have 1 practice a week in their local area, as well as a total of 4 HLT and 4 Run Club sessions. In order for all our players to benefit from our unique team experience, we will have a total of 4 All-HS practices in Santa Monica. For more info, please visit our Fire HS Page.

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