Mac McDonough

  • Girls Program Director

Since taking over at Fire, Mac has put her stamp on the program. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her own lacrosse career to help make each player the best version of themselves. Mac played Division I at Jacksonville and helped lead her team to 3 conference championships between 2015-2018. She is on the active roster for Team Israel, which ranked 5th at the 2022 World Games. Prior to joining Fire, Mac was a coach at Claremont Mudd Scripps, a Division III program in Claremont California, where she specialized in goalie development and offense.

“I coach because I love to teach and mentor through the sport of lacrosse. It’s extremely rewarding to watch players grow in skill, knowledge, and confidence through the sport. My favorite part of being on a team has always been the built in support system that the team brings, and it is my goal to build a culture where every player can thrive as their best self.”


Hannah Newhall

  • Coach

Hannah hails from Cape Elizabeth, ME. She attended Colby College, where in 2017 she was part of the team that won the NESCAC Championship. Hannah’s specialty is midfield and draw and she has a background in outdoor education. She joined Fire in 2022 and has brought her entire skill set to the field to help players leap forward in their development.

“I coach because I love the sport of women’s lacrosse, the opportunities it has afforded me, and the invaluable lessons that I’ve learned while playing, including leadership, teamwork, resilience, and self worth.”

Jess Sloan-Cooper

  • Defensive Coach

Jess is originally from Illinois, where she had a storied HS lacrosse career. She moved to California to pursue her dream of attending school on the left coast. Jess is a defender for the Claremont Mudd Scripps program and has joined us as a defensive coach for the Fall/Winter 2023/24 season. Here is what Jess loves most about coaching:

"I love to see the growth and development of players. I myself thrive off of improvements; whether it be big or small, growing myself as a player also grew my love for the sport, so any opportunity I have to help make someone else better and enjoy that process, is not only heartwarming but so inspiring and fulfilling to see."

Mia Fleming

  • Goalie Coach

Mia is originally from New Jersey, where she had an outstanding HS career that included being team captain, All-American, as well as sectional champion. She is a goalie at USC and will focus on working with our goalies.

“I enjoy getting to help people improve their skills and not only watch their talent grow but their love of the game grow as well”

sydney shin

Sydney Shin

  • Coach

Sydney currently plays on the Women’s Lacrosse team at Cal Lutheran University while studying Sports Management. She has been playing since 2nd grade and played varsity at Culver City HS for 4 years, two of which she was captain. She is a fire alum, playing for Fire from 7th grade until her senior year of high school. She began coaching K-2 at West LA as a senior in high school and began coaching with Fire the summer of 2023. 

“I enjoy coaching because I get to share my love and passion for lacrosse with a new generation of players. I love seeing younger girls grow an appreciation for the sport. Seeing them just have fun makes me super happy and reminds me why I have stuck with it for so long.” 


Catie Shin

  • Coach

Catie graduated from CSU Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a minor in human development. She already has a wealth of experience. She has been playing since 3rd grade, played varsity at Culver City HS for 4 years, two of which she was captain. Her coaching career started as a junior in HS working with recreational players in West LA. Her next stint was as assistant coach at Culver City HS, where she is now the head coach. Catie has been a Fire coach since 2020 and has found a passion for coaching girls lacrosse and teaching them the game, but most importantly, having fun while doing it.

“I started coaching girls lacrosse because my experience and many coaches equipped me to be able to teach the game of lacrosse, but I soon realized it was much more than that. I coach because I love seeing players develop their skills and fall in love with the sport I love. It’s a blessing and joy to see players have so much fun playing lacrosse and grow as players and young women.”

Cal Filson

  • Goalie Coach

Cal hails from Williamstown, MA and spent his college years playing at Oberlin College. He has been a coach with the organization since 2021 and loves being part of the game:

“Coaching has been extremely satisfying as an extension of my playing career. I couldn’t stay away from the game even if I tried. And above all, working with these athletes has been the highlight of my time out here in the LA area.”

Cate Lord

  • Defensive Coach

Cate hails from Indianapolis and made her way to CA via Denver, CO. She comes from a highly athletic family and has already accumulated a bounty of accolades at USC, including Pac-12 tournament MVP, 3x Pac-12 defensive player of the week and Pac-12 All-Conference First Team. At Fire, Cate is a defensive coach with the Fire HS Red team.

Bella Bravo

  • Goalie Coach

Bella hails from Northern California and has 10 total years of playing experience between high school, club and NCAA. She is the goalie at Cal Lutheran University and in the summers she coaches at True Lacrosse in NorCal. Bella will be working with our goalies in Simi Valley.

“Lacrosse has been a big part of my life and through playing and coaching, I have had an amazing experience. As a coach I hope to be able to provide as good of an experience I had and even better. I enjoy coaching because I feel it is a way for me to give back to the sport and continue the growth of lacrosse. I like being able to inspire, help lacrosse players build confidence, develop technique, and become better leaders on and off the field.”