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Mar Vista Rec Center

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Entrance to the box rink is off Palms Blvd. Parking is on Palms Blvd. or either of the two parking lots off Palms.



These rules and regulations apply to anywhere inside the fence, not just the field itself as the entire area inside the fence is turf.


NO dogs - furry friends must be kept outside the fence or in the car, they don't know the difference between grass and turf so we do not want any "accidents"

NO colored drinks (Gatorade or coffee) - H2O Only!

NO chairs with pointed feet - there are nice bleachers so if you are confused about this please just leave the chairs in the car, thank you!

And just as a reminder, all spectators need to remain on the bleachers. No parents should be on the field during the game - We have never had an issue with this so let's keep it that way, thanks!

If our organization is found to not be compliant with these regulations our teams may be forced out of the league without a refund.  Let's all do our part in preventing this from happening 🙂