Historic Collaboration: The Dragons and The Vikings Unite for the Future of Youth Lacrosse in Santa Monica


Santa Monica, CA – In a landmark move for youth sports in Los Angeles, The Dragons and The Vikings, the two preeminent youth lacrosse programs with a storied presence in the region, are proud to announce a strategic collaboration commencing this fall/winter season. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the local lacrosse landscape, where both organizations have independently cultivated robust programs over the past decade, but collectively see an importance of aligning interests for the good of the local lacrosse community.

This unified effort is the result of almost two years of deliberate and strategic discussions among the leadership of both organizations, culminating in a shared vision for the growth and development of lacrosse in Los Angeles. While The Dragons and The Vikings will maintain their unique program offerings, this collaboration will harmonize team and player development efforts during the critical fall/winter season in the form of a Westside Sixes Recreational League.

The implications of this partnership are profound. By joining forces, we are setting a precedent for cooperation over competition, fostering a more inclusive and expansive environment for all players—girls and boys alike. This is more than a merger of resources; it is a commitment to the heart of community sports and the spirit of lacrosse. Now, families will not only have a simplified planning and organizational benefit, but this will also set the stage for a perfect model of development, training and competition for the entire Westside of Los Angeles, bringing together all players and the highest-level coaches from all organizations.

We recognize that the strength of a sport lies not just in the talent of individual players, but in the unity and integrity of its community. This effort is poised to dismantle long-standing barriers, offering increased accessibility, and creating a more efficient pathway for young athletes to engage with the sport they love and with the friends they love playing with.

As we look to the future, this collaboration is a beacon of progress, signaling a new era where the collective good is championed. We are not merely two organizations sharing a field; we are a united front, dedicated to nurturing the potential of every player and enriching the fabric of our community through the noble game of lacrosse.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the families, coaches, and supporters who have been the backbone of our programs. Your unwavering support has been instrumental in reaching this pivotal moment. Together, we stand on the threshold of a new chapter, one that promises to elevate youth lacrosse in Los Angeles to unprecedented heights.

Looking forward to the road ahead

The Dragons & Vikings Organizations

For more information please reach out to the Westside Sixes League Directors – Erik Krum or Ernie Melero



We will host teams in the following divisions as defined by current school grade:

BOYS -- K/1; 2/3; 4/5; 6-8; 7-8

GIRLS -- K-2; 3-5; 6-8


Practices will be at Airport Park in Santa Monica, as well as Belmar Park in Santa Monica. A specific practice schedule will be announced shortly.


GAMES for the winter season will be played in the WS6 league.

Competition for winter season will be a modified game format known as SIXES.

SIXES is a small sided, fast paced and fun version of the traditional game played on a short field.

It is exceptional for skill development due to the high volume of reps and touches inherent in the format.

SIXES is also the game format that will be included in the 2028 OLYMPIC GAMES in Los Angeles.

We will begin participation in WS6 winter league games on Saturday January 20th.

Games wil be played on Saturdays for all boys and girls teams.

Games will be played locally primarily at the following fields: Santa Monica HS; Airport Park; Mar Vista Rec Center

The final weekend of games for the winter season is February 24th & 25th.

Game schedules, times and locations will be provided to us by the league.


WS6 uniforms will be distributed as. part of the registration fee



NOTE: For liability reasons, WS6 (like nearly all rec lacrosse programs throughout the country), requires a current valid USA Lacrosse membership. If you have not renewed your existing USAL membership please do so before registration. If you are new to lacrosse, you may purchase a USAL membership for your player at: https://www.uslacrosse.org. USAL fees are not part of or included in WS6 registration fees and WS6 has no control over cost or terms.


Payments for WS6 must be made with credit card inasmuch as we are not able to accept checks or other forms of payment. Please be aware of this and understand that the CC processing fee is something over which we have no control. We apologize for any inconvenience relating to the payment process and we appreciate your understanding.

If you would like to request assistance with WS6 fees, please email Stephen Fossati at: veryfastpig@earthlink.net

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Belmar Radius Map 2
  • Great Practice Times: We offer a consistent Monday/Wednesday practice schedule that runs from March to May, with most practices between 5:30 to 7pm and older ages ending by 8:30pm. We offer 2 practices a week for ALL AGES, not just older groups. Many programs do not do that.
  • Best Practice Field in LA: Belmar Park is a state of the art turf field (newest in Los Angeles) that sits right off the 10 Freeway in Santa Monica, with convenient parking next door. Marina Del Rey, Culver City, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades are all within an easy 5 miles radius of the field.


erik head shot


“Growing up I quickly realized how much the great coaches and role models impacted my life in a positive way. My passion and goal is to give our young athletes someone to relate to and trust in. My duties as a coach not only consist of teach them the sport of lacrosse but to ultimately teach them lessons they can use the rest of their lives. Plane and simple… I love Coach kids!” 



“I coach because I love the sport of women’s lacrosse, the opportunities it has afforded me, and the invaluable lessons that I’ve learned while playing, including leadership, teamwork, resilience, and self worth. 



“I coach because I love the game and want to help pass it on to the next generation. My coaches made a huge impact on me and I hope to share a similar experience with our players.”



“I coach because I love this sport, the places it has taken me, and the person it has made me. My education, my most meaningful friendships, the many opportunities I’ve had to travel, and my sense of passion, dedication, and work ethic - I owe to lacrosse. I want to share that with the next generation of athletes.”



“I coach as a means to engage with my local community and contribute to the same tradition that had helped raise me. Seeing players improve and gain confidence in their abilities offers a daily reminder of how even the smallest bit of progress can be a huge inspiration.”



“Coaching with Dragons has been extremely satisfying as an extension of my playing career. I couldn’t stay away from the game even if I tried. And above all, working with these kids has been the highlight of my time out here in the LA area.”



“I love being able to participate in the great tradition of lacrosse in any way that I can, as well as being able to pass my lacrosse knowledge and experience the next generation of lacrosse.”

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October 18th, 2022

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“I coach because the sport of lacrosse has ingrained in me some of my most important values, such as grit, teamwork, accountability, and confidence. I love this sport and want to share my passion for it with young athletes who will carry it into the future.”



“I coach lacrosse, the medicine game, to pass along my love for this beautiful sport, and to help the future generations grow into better players on and off the field.”



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New Players

We strive to make playing lacrosse as simple and affordable as possible. We hold free clinics throughout the year, offer new players a free trial session and provide free loaner gear. We even have a LaunchPad program that provides guidelines on how to get into lacrosse and at what time of the year.


Advanced Players

Over the last 6 years we have developed hundreds of boys into tournament level players and won close to 50 championships. Our high school boys compete at the highest level on the West Coast and are active in the recruiting process. The Dragons girls program serves as a development program and advanced players participate in Fire Lacrosse during tournament season.

del mar champs

The Annual Calendar

Dragons offers year-around programming for boys and girls in K through 8th. Fall is the best time of year to get started. In the winter and spring we offer recreational teams. In the summer we offer training and tournaments.


Player Development

We take a long-term approach to developing boys and girls into the best possible and well-rounded student athletes they can be; on and off the field. Our coaching staff is the most expansive and knowledgable in the area and our 360º Player Development curriculum provides the structure for a path from elementary school to through high school.


The Team Experience

Imagine a place where you can just come and be yourself. A place where you can take as much or as little time as you need to develop your skills. A place full of positive energy and support. A place that is inclusive and supportive and easy to make friends in. That is the essence of the Dragons Lacrosse team experience.



We like to bring the lacrosse community together several times a year to just have fun or be part of a good cause. Every Halloween we host the Pumpkin Shoot on the beach in Santa Monica and we have several videos to show for it. In June we host the Laps 4 Lax Fundraiser to bring everyone together for a fun and meaningful pre-summer event.


Boys Championships

2018 OCBLL JV Gold Champions
2018 OCBLL JV Gold Champions
2018 LAYLL Champions
2018 LAYLL Champions

Girls Championships

2019 PELA MS-A Champions
2019 PELA MS-A Champions
2018 PELA MS-B Champions
2018 PELA MS-B Champions