Our Girls Teams

The Santa Monica Dragons and Fire Lacrosse were formed as a 501c3 non-profit in May of 2012 under the legal name Academy of Lacrosse. We first took to the field in December of 2012 as a 3rd and 4th grade boys team with 14 or so players. 2 years later we started a girls program with siblings from our boys program. By 2016 we had grown to 100 girls and launched the Fire brand for advanced players.

Our programming includes Lacrosse 101 introductory classes, Speed Lacrosse (stick skill development on the beach), positional clinics, athletic training, as well as team training for local teams. We also run countless introductory clinics through out the year, usually in conjunction with a school or another organization, and they are usually free.

We believe in putting the highest quality product on the field. We do an excellent job of teaching the game of lacrosse, but just as importantly, our program teaches the players life lessons, a good work ethic and solid values. The result has been an unparalleled development program and we're also the best place to send a beginner. An incoming 2nd or 3rd grader learns more in our program than he or she would anywhere else.

Dragons co-founders are Jim Gelb and Randy Grube. Our Girls Program Director is Meghan Toomey who has done a wonderful job of establishing Dragons as one of the most robust girls programs in the area. More recently, Meghan launched the Fire brand, which is a regional program for advanced girls to play at the highest possible level, and to help the most passionate players find their way into a college program.

Our Teams

Middle School

Our middle school teams play in both the West LA League as well as the PELA Spring league. They are a great platform to get valuable game experience and develop lacrosse IQ. In the past 2 years our MS teams even managed to win the PELA MS A and PELA MS B divisions.

Elementary School

Elementary School falls into 2 distinct categories: K-1/2 for our youngest ones and 2/3 and 4/5 (3/4/5 for PELA) for the slightly older girls. Both platforms are great for all skill levels because they provide valuable practice time and game experience.