Players signed up for our recruiting package have complete access to SportsRecruits, one of the premier recruiting database and communications products. In addition, we assist our players in creating impactful highlight reels.


Our coaches will not hesitate to communicate on behalf of our players. We reach out via e-mail, phone, in person at the field and SportsRecruits to promote our players with the appropriate college coaches. 


Several times during the year we organize recruiting trips to the East Coast to give our best players a chance to be seen by college coaches and play in the most competitive environments. Trips also include an in-depth college visit schedule and plenty of team bonding.

Every year we send multiple HS teams to the Denver Shootout and every year it provides great recruiting looks for our players. Many receive letters of interest from college coaches within weeks of the tournament and several play in the coveted All-Star game each year. In the summer of 2019 we partnered with several organizations to create the LA All Stars Program in an effort to  put the best talent from LA on one roster.

Our showcase trips are quite a highlight every year. We have 4 of these under our belt so far. These trips are chaperoned by coaches, giving parents a break and reducing costs for families. Trips include participation in highly competitive tournaments and showcases where our players are coached and seen by current college coaches. We also make sure to get in a very high number of college visits.

Whenever possible we try to take advantage of unique recruiting opportunities that help our players. In the summer of 2019 we teamed up with LA Heat and integrated participation in the NXT Summer Invitational into our summer showcase trip to Good To Great. As always, we shot a fun video and the  Summer 2019 Showcase video will follow soon.

Dragons Alumni & College Commits

Owen Gaffney

2021 - Committed to Admissions Process at Harvard University

"Dragons has been monumental in my growth as a player because they provided intense practices, encouraging coaching, and a family environment. I came into the program with very little confidence and poor stick skills, but the high-intensity practices and encouraging coaching boosted my overall confidence and skill level. I knew that all the coaches, especially Erik Krum, had my back and wanted to see me succeed. As time went on, my stick skills got better, and Krummy kept challenging me to keep improving. The environment was unlike anything I had previously been a part of. Everyone wanted me to succeed and be happy, which made me want to play harder and get better. Dragons provided the opportunity to play against the best teams in California, and I believe that’s essential to growing as a player. I can’t thank Dragons enough for everything they have done for me. I have built life-long relationships with Randy, Krummy, and all the other coaches."

Owen Gaffney - 2021

1 owen gaffney del mar

Riley Olds

2019 - Vassar College

"The Dragons experience has been an amazing one. My teammates and coaches have changed somewhat, there have always been so many people that were looking out for me and trying to help me get the best for myself. Every coach wanted to know what my situation was and how everything was going and if there was anything they could do to help. My parents were also so supportive and always pushed me to strive for what I wanted most, and provided me with the platform to get that."

Riley Olds - 2019

sports academy riley olds

Donovan Econn

2019 - Wesleyan University

“When I first tried out for the Dragons team back in 6th grade, I was extremely nervous and scared I wasn't going to make the team because I hadn't been playing for that long and I didn't really know anybody going in. I then met the coaches and my feelings of nervousness turned into excitement after seeing how much energy they brought to each drill or competition we did. After starting with Dragons, I saw myself really develop as a player thanks to the coaches, and I formed friendships that I still hold on to today. Although I didn't have Krum as a head coach, he was always orchestrating the whole practice and I got to see how much he cared about coaching and the kids on each team. I have a specific memory of him hopping in cage without a chest protector when our goalie missed practice. I thought he was a little crazy but later figured out he just has a passion for his job that I hope to find when I get out of college. A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of my experience with Dragons.”

Donovan Econn - 2019

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 16.36.41

Martin Avila

2018 - Onondaga College - 2019 NJCAA Champions

"The Dragons club program taught me two things: to go fast and to work hard. These are just some of the things I’ve learned playing with the Dragons. The most important thing I learned with the Dragons has to be the ability to become consistent. While at college I’ve learned that if you’re not consistent you won’t play. I picked up those habits when I was in 8th, 9th and 10th grade and they really helped develop who I am now. And the Dragons coaches were invested in more than just my game. They were focused on the atmosphere of the program and focused on getting kids the right opportunities on and off the field. I can say that throughout my entire experience with the Dragons, it has been nothing but positive memories, aside from all the sprints during practice. Thank you for all the opportunities!" 

Martin Avila - 2018