Why Dragons?

Since we started Dragons 5 we have gained a lot of experience on how to get the most out of the sport of lacrosse for our athletes. We have taken young boys from 4th grade all the way to high school, with many making Varsity at their respective schools as freshmen. We have transitioned more players from the youth ranks into Loyola (#1 in LA) and Harvard Westlake (#3 in LA) than anyone else. And we helped get our entire active class of 2018 players recruited to play in college. The experience we’ve gained since our early years allows us to create programs that provide players a path from youth lacrosse to the college ranks.

At the core of all the success we have had at developing young boys into outstanding young men, athletes and lacrosse players, is a training program we believe to be the best in town. Over the years we have held specialty clinics with Zach Greer (Duke, MLL, NLL), Brendan Fowler (Duke, MLL, NLL), Greg Gurenlian (Penn State, MLL, Team USA) and Kyle Harrison (Hopkins, MLL, Team USA). All of these clinics were set up for our players specifically. We weren’t just a feeder into an existing session. And we are the only program in LA with an official relationship with Lacrosse Masters, the premier Prospect Camp series in the nation.

At the core of it all is our day-to-day training. We typically offer more training time than other programs in a given season and we have more coaches and more experience on the field. In fact for the last year we’ve been overstaffing our practices to make sure coaches are rotated to get to know all our players and so they coach at the appropriate levels. This has led to 3, sometimes 4 coaches at a single team practice. We raised the bar years ago when we introduced an all-professional coaching staff in our area, and in the last two years have managed to keep the quality and consistency very high. We have a core roster of 14 coaches and expand to over 20 during peak season. Our coaches are knowledgable, experienced, they are passionate about lacrosse and love teaching kids. Maybe most importantly, our coaches bring an infectious and positive energy to the field that makes lacrosse and learning fun. And they know our players. If you’ve played high school with us, then you will also know that our coaches frequently suit up and jump into drills with our players. Of course they are not shy to help our players in the recruiting process.

Programming For Advanced Players

We offer a wide range of programming for advanced players throughout most of the year so you can play as little or as much as you like. Programs for advanced players are built around rigorous training and high-level competition.

We offer quite a bit of programming in the Fall, even though it is a very busy time of the year with other sports as well. Our two core products are Box Lacrosse and Fall Recruiting for our most advanced HS Elite players. Box lacrosse is a Canadian version of lacrosse typically played in a rink, not on a field, in a 5v5 format. We play in the Orange County Box Lacrosse League, which is the most competitive league in LA. We have also started offering an East Coast Fall Recruiting trip for Dragons looking to play at the next level. 2017 was our first year and we were able to get all of our players college looks.

In the Winter we offer a compact tournament season that combines recruiting with high level competition. We end in early January to give our HS players a chance to concentrate on preparations for their school season.

In the Summer we offer another compact regional tournament schedule that focuses on the team experience, recruiting and high-level competition. We also offer an East Coast trip that combines showcase and tournament participation, with an East Coast experience and tons of college visits, similar to the Fall Recruiting trip.

More Info For Advanced Players