5v5 is a new training format suited for both beginner and intermediate/advanced players. 5v5 teaches quicker ball movement in a tighter space (20×40 year field)  and offer players a lot of touches with the ball.

IF YOU ARE AN INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED PLAYER – 5v5 works because you are paired in scrimmage groups of equal skill level.

IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER PLAYER – Dragons 5v5 was created to fill the gap between Fall Training and the Winter Season to continue the development and fun the boys and girls are experiencing! 5v5 transitions players from the more skills-based Fall Training program, into game play and competitive situations. It is designed to get players ready to play on a team and compete. Dragons 5v5 will also provide a safe and stress-free environment for players to try the goalie position.

CURRICULUM – Fall Training’s primary focus was on teaching beginners the fundamentals of the sport. In this continuation program we will still go over basics at every session, but we will start to work in more competition elements in the form of 5v5 scrimmages. Sessions will be 90 minutes for all age groups and we will set up 2-3 fields. The 5v5 format requires more space so we will be running boys and girls separately.

SCHEDULE – Our time slot is still 1-4pm, but during this session girls will go from 1:00pm – 2:30pm and boys will go from 2:30pm – 4:00pm. Dates are:

  • Sunday, November 3
  • Sunday, November 10
  • Sunday, November 17
  • Sunday, November 24
  • Sunday, December 8
  • Sunday, December 15

REGISTRATION – The price of the program is $205. It is the same price for all age groups because now all players receive 90-minute sessions. Additional comments:

To register, for SUNDAY 5v5 click HERE.

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